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What is Communications Lab?

Communications Lab was a 14-week course I took at NYU AD in which I created all these projects, mostly collaboratively. The class taught me a diversity of mediums to tell stories in. All projects culminated in a different interactive website showcasing the stories. Each website is meant to be seen as a wholesome story, meaning that it's not just the videos telling the story, but the way the website is designed and the user-interactivity aspect.

30 Minute Film Festival

This is my first website ever created and it functions as a promotional website for a Starbucks Ad we created for the class's 30 Minute Film Festival. My team and I had 30 minutes to think of a story for a short, shoot it, and edit it, and what we came up with was a Starbucks Ad targetted at NYU Abu Dhabi students.

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New York Feels: Audio Project

I worked with Araz in this project and since we're both passionately in love with New York, we decided to create an audio piece with multiple songs about New York in order to explore the feelings provoked by audio that evoke New York. My favorite city.

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Instantfame is a parody of all those Instagram advertisement sites that promise to boost up your followers. Working with Navya and Aleksandra, we created the character of Jessica, an It girl, instafamous girl whose best friend, Annie, uses as an example to guide her youtube channel followers in their quest for more followers.

For Better, For Worse

A story of love in the old times, and love today. In this comic project, we tried to show the different phases of love and how we envisioned them now versus today, in the technological age. All of today's love is represented through instant messages, whereas all of the love before is represented through scenes of real life, away from the phone. Click on the phones to see the past!